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RFQ about ZQYM 418 Common rail test bench

2015-12-25 10:52:07 SHUMATT TECH LTD Read

Here are some question about our 418 common rail injector test bench, those question are most customer concern


Q: Can it only do one injector at the time??

A: Yes, it only do one injector at the time, but you can put 4 injectors in a time and test one by one.



Q: What pressure in rail?

A: Our Common rail Pressure Max 2200bar.


Q: And can it code any injector?

A: For now, it can code some  BOSCH, and Delphi injectors, in next year, the most of Simens and Caterpillar injectors can finished. we will infrom you when any updates.


Q: Why your test bench price so high?

A: 1st, Our common rail test bench use VSE Germany Flow Sensor, High accuracy test results.

2nd, Add Reduce Noise Device and Temperature Monitor to Low noise when start.

3rd.Oil Filter can use 4 years. top grade quality.

4th. We provide 3 years warranty, 6 years free software upgrades

Our test bench got good reputation in Chinese Market, and we have been the lead supplier for diesel engine fuel system equipment in China. About 60% Chinese customers chose our equipment and service because our equipment can e fully realized 24 hours non-stop work and accurate data analysis. 


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