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Beijing ZQYM Technology Co., Ltd Low cost diesel maintenance plan of pioneer and leader

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Success comes from persistence stick


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Beijing ZQYM Technology Co., Ltd, headquarter is located in Shunyi district of Beijing, is a professional of variety of common rail test bench electronically controlled fuel injection system design, development and manufacture.


Products mainly use for maintenance of diesel injection, now to meet the EURO IV,EURO V, developed SCR after treatment testing equipment



Our company is the only designated suppliers For 3 company including“CNPC Transport Company”, “Shandong XinYa Industry Co.,Ltd”, “NanTong Wiedson Fuel Injection Equipment Co.,Ltd”




Beginning precision, end of slimmest.


Mechanical products quality is different from other industries, each parts of machine requirements very strict, so that machine can smooth operation


ZQYM staff insisted “Rigorous and Precise”, every parts of the machine requirement precisely, ensure to provide customers safe and reliable testing equipment




ZQYM R&D center is industry of high-tech talent, equipment from the Appearance to Programmer development is independent, has obtained numbers of national patents.


ZQYM all change is for the customer, all innovation comes from the customer, according customer market requirement, update equipment, research new products, improve customer satisfaction.




ZQYM in the every provide has resident area manager, help customer solve various kinds of problem before sell and after sell.



ZQYM has free training meeting Regulaly, aim to  improve customer technical ability, provide remote technical guidance free of charge, In time for customers to solve the problems when they meet during maintenance.



Chinese: Customers all over the country, North Xinjiang, Mongolia , south  Guangxi, Tibet


Foreign: As the only a test bench production enterprise exported to Germany, now our ZQYM test bench exported to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania and other countries


On December 15, 2015, ZQYM branch in Vietnam branch was formally established, indicate ZQYM globalization strategy forward a big step




The happiest thing in the world is struggle for the dream !


Thanks for work with you in this way.


In a new Year, QZYM must work harder, create great future together


Last, ZQYM Technology Co., Ltd wish everybody


Good lucky in the monkey year!


Business Flourishes


Money And Treasures Will He Plentiful



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