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new energy vehicle development

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 China and Germany jointly create new energy vehicle development Featured 

German chancellor Angela Merkel is a visionary person, this time she used to get first dibs on the right to speak in Power Relations,"Merkel style" will also be copied to China's new energy automotive industry.

  She and Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei officially launched The Sino-German electric vehicle charging project at Tsinghua University, and signed a cooperation agreement. Here and now, Sino-German have reached a consensus unified electric vehicle charging interface. The ultimate goal of the agreement is to achieve the full sharing of charging facilities in the future.

  In Merkel’s view, the future sales of new energy vehicles is the basis whether it can occupy the strategic high ground or not. This basis will determine the number of users, and then impact the setting of the new energy vehicle charging standards around the world.

  In the China visit of all tasks, to launch Sino-German cooperation in the field of electric vehicles was referred to a new strategic level. Before this visit she had been seeing the broad prospects of China’s new energy automobile market.

  The China’s has been clearly identified. To 2020 year China plug-in electric hybrid cars and pure electric cars the cumulative production and sales will reach 500 million, while Germany's goal is 100 million. Thus, once the common charging interface standards between China and Germany, will occupy the "initiative." This "initiative" achieved, That is what Merkel also expected.

  But there is a Insiders with anonymity who told< the news of the new energy vehicles>, the standard of charging will not have such a profound effect, The so-called standard in his opinion, Only need mature in technology, not exclusive. And the entire transformation process at a certain cost, but for such a strong strategic new energy automobile industry, the amount of investment is minimal.

  Also there was another voice in the industry, namely, the standard will change the future world structure of new energy vehicles. Hardest-hit two opponents are United States and Japan.

China and Germany jointly create new energy vehicle development

  2011 year in Berlin, China and Germany issued the joint statement on EV strategic partnerships in China and Germany. It now appears that cooperation should be declared at that time was the "warm-up", its primary role is attracting attention from local governments and enterprises of the two countries. A wider range of cooperation, including electric car project, operation and promotion of aspects.

  Since then, by national development and Reform Commission of China and Germany led the Ministry of economy, the electric car industry of the two countries to deepen cooperation, in this her seventh visit to China and finally in a unified charging port to node, completed a "qualitative change". Prior to that, China and Germany also needs research on the charging infrastructure construction, this process requires three stages to complete.

  The three phases of research, will be progressively private charging infrastructure construction, half public charging facilities for the installation of charging facilities and open investigation. This completion of the survey is a systematic project, it has completed the first phase of the research.

  Therefore, followed by the second phase of the research half a charging infrastructure in public areas installed, will focus on the users drive, charging behavior and habits analysis, the research emphasis has shifted from "" to "". Consumer demand was considered to the maximum into the research process, sharing in the future under the strategic objective of charging infrastructure, which is a critical component.

  In addition, the fast charge is also very high standards for security and communication protocols, Protocol is currently used in China CAN BUS, the European PLC. There is distinction between China and Germany not only in the fast charge behind the communications protocols are not consistent. If you want to enter the Chinese market, importing companies must make adjustments according to Chinese standards.

  Cui Dongshu noted that core issue is the problem of electric car future design direction. For example, whether Android or Apple system, designed in the future may be linked to this communication protocol. Product unification, faces system problem, but it may be more complex.

  Chinese three excellent official said "should be divided into two aspects to this problem. On one hand, because China has not completely unified on the communication protocol standards, even if no unification criteria in this factor, but also advance the standardization process. The other hand, this meaning the standard size is debatable.

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