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Bus Ac Spare Parts Blower Wheel Right and Left With Airflow

2016-01-13 16:42:54 SHUMATT TECH LTD Read

Bus Ac Spare Parts Blower Wheel Right and Left With Airflow


Automotive air conditioning motors, including air conditioning condenser fan motors and air conditioning evaporator blower motor.

And in the blower motor there have 2pcs blower wheels. In USA, they often need purchase right and left side blower wheels. Here below are pictures.




Key Specifications/Special Features


Blower Wheels Lenth:9.7cm


Cross flow wheel diameter: 12.3cm


With large airflow rate


Our Requiements:


Left blower wheel we have stock, Right blower wheel MOQ is 200pcs,price is very competitive. If you need welcome to let me know.


What should be make sure before make order?


1-Wind direction, Tell us you need left or right


2-Blower Wheel Lenth


3-Blower Wheel diameter



Our Services


1.We will respond to all your inquiry within 24 hours

2.We have factory and exhibition room. Welcome to visit us.

3.We can provide our customers with one stop service

4.We accept both OEM And ODM, and we could use customers’ logo on our products.

5. We do not have requirement on MOQ. Any quantity is ok to proceed.

6.We can provide customers with samples in a very cheap price.

7.We have the rights to import and export.


We also Supply Bus Ac Blower and Condenser Fan, Bus Ac Air Compressor and other spare parts, Welcome to contact us freely if any demand. Thank you.


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