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CPN tester high pressure common rail pump tester

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CPN tester high pressure common rail pump tester

CPN tester high pressure Introduction     


CPN High-pressure Common Rail Pump Tester is the special tester for the BOSCH CP1,CP2,CP3, DENSO HP0,HP2,HP3,HP4, and Delphi pumps.


CPN tester high pressure Usage      


Fuel metering valve test

Rail pressure test for the common rail pumps

Rail pressure sensor test

CPN tester high pressure Function    


1. Could test the pump pressure and the sealing quality.

2. Could test the fuel metering valve to see the fuel flow quality.

3. Could realize the rail pressure sensor test.

4. Could realize the coil quality.

5. Could perform the on-line pressure test on start, idle, mid-speed, high-speed point of the running engine. Thus helps the technicians to judge the fault.

6. Could enforce the high pressure pump on the engine to run, to do the rush repair the fault caused by the common rail decompression valve jam.

7. Could be adapted as a common rail testing simulator to upgrade the old mechanical pump test benches.


 CPN tester high pressure Specification       


Detects pump: CP1, CP2, CP3, Denso HP0, HP2, HP3, HP4, (Note:! HP0 flow testing capabilities to be customized)

Metering valve type: normally open, normally closed

Drive current: 0-1.8A Accuracy 0.001A

Current Frequency: 165-195HZ

Response time: ≤0.1S

Rail pressure display: 0-2000Bar accuracy 1Bar

Instrument Power: AC220V

Operating temperature: -5C ° to 50C

CPN tester high pressure Parameters:

Weight: 3kg.

Size: 35*25*11cm

Voltage: 220v.

Operation temperature: -25~~50


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