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ZQYM Brand Diesel Common rail test bench brief introduction

ZQYM Brand Common rail test bench why so popular?

Brief introduction of ZQYM

1:  ZQYM in chinese means our common rail test bench have bright future.We trust in future our tester equipment can repair all injector and pumps successful with auto test.

2:  Address of factory is in China capital Beijing ,In beijing usually for domestic sales, The Foreign market sales departmant is in Shenzhen,

Which have a strong and prefessional service team, they will make sure all clients choose the best suitable common rail test bench.

3: Our factory covers an area of 1500 square meters, we have prefessional engineer who will study and test CR tester stand every day, and add new injector or pump data into common rail tester equipment.

In VietNam we also have branch office there, we also have engineer in vietnam to study and expand the market.

Introduction of ZQYM Series Common rail test bench

1: 418 series tester bed we have 3 type as below:

ZQYM 418A: 418A is for testing all EURO III,EURO IV injectors. Such as Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Caterpillar, Simens injectos.

ZQYM 418B: 418B is also testing for all EURO II , EURO IV Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Simens, Caterpillar injectors, the difference is 418B can test piezoelectric injectors.

ZQYM418C: 418C is Combined with 418A + 418B, and it also come with injector full repair tools. When client receive it, he can use it directly.

As in all, in september we have develop the new modle of 418, here below are pictures of these two version 418 tester.

Old Version:


 new Version:



2: 618 series we have 4 types as below:

618A: It is use for test common rail injector and pump automated testing. For Bosch, Delphi, Caterpillar, simens, denso brand injectors and pumps.

It features in complete test data.

618B: Compared with 618A, 618B not only for injectors and pumps, but also can support EUI EUP functions.

618C: Compared with 618B, 618C can test piezo-electric crysta injectors.

618D: Compared with 618C, 618D will come with full repair tools. Such as injector holder, Pump Decomposition tool, EUI Tools, EUI EUP Cam box and so on.

Here below is 618 diesel injector and pump tester picture:



718 series we also have 3 types as below:

718A: It can test out all EURO III, EURO IV injectors/ pumps/ piezos with full accessory repair tools.

718B: Compared with 718A, 718B not only can test out all EURO III, EURO IV injectors/ pumps/ piezos,but also can test few VP44,EUI, EUP functions. And also with full necessary repair tools.

718C: Compared with 718B, 718C add HEUI test function and with all necessary repair tools.

Below is 718 picture:

718 (4).jpg


ZQYM Common rail test bench advantages:

1: High quality of spare parts, such as we use VSE germany flow sensor, Original BOSCH CP3H pump, Original Bosch valve, original BOSCH 0281002507 DRV valve. And so on. All imported from Germany.

2: highest accuracy of the test, Injector Flow sensor accuracy is about 0.5 ‰. Max 2200 bar pressure rail.

3: The best service in China. Warranty of common rail tester is 3 years. If some technical problems can’t solve, our factory will arrange the engineer to go to client local area.

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