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diesel fuel pump test bench machine 618A with EUI EUP VP44 test

1. Five injector stander datas came from Injector tightness test, Injector full load test, fuel injector oil-return testing, injector idle test, pre-sprayinjector test can be tested within five minutes. 
2. Pump test can be finished within 4 minutes, pump testing items contain pump full load test, pump start-up test, pumpload test, oil pump solenoid valves and metering valve test, pump standard data. EUI / EUP testingproject contains EUI / EUP full load test, EUI / EUP in the load test, EUI / EUP idle test, EUI / EUP start the test, EUP / EUI standard data 
3. Piezoelectric crystal injector test five data of injector within five minutes, injector tightness test, fuel injector full load test, fuel injector oil-return test, injector idle test 
4. DIY data increases, testing reports, storageof test reports, customization oftest report, poor reports, system error codes, tips of maintenance.


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