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Popular Tester Bench 918

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Popular Tester Bench 918
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Newest and popular tester bench 918 is one of the most advanced HEUI diesel CR test quipment. HEUI's eventually have their test stand that they have deserved. 918 CAT injectester | HEUI is designed with respect to the developments in HEUI technology. Accuracy in HEUI testing highly depends on effective temperature control and injector drive technology. 918 CAT injectester | HEUI is designed upon long history of diesel injection background of ZQYM and assembled with perfection. 918 will make you reconsider your invest decision Of CAT engine injector repair. You can test and repair CAT HEUI injector system at any time, and your workshop will become the professional leader in the market quickly.

Read more detail information pls following the Link: http://injectorepair.com/product/product.php?lang=en&class2=52


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