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common rail injector test bench

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common rail injector test bench

The CRDI test bench is a dedicated common rail injector, pump and fuel rail testing bench designed for quickly testing all kinds of common rail injectors, pumps and fuel rails of Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens make  (Injectors of both Solenoid and Piezo technology can be tested). 

    -  It is used to diagnose the Faulty Common rail injector by testing it for its spray pattern, Output delivery to back leakage ratio, Full load delivery, No load delivery etc. 

    - User can also diagnose faulty common rail pumps if they are not developing sufficient pressure / if the solenoid (Fuel metering control valve) on the pump is not functioning well / return flow of the pump is too high. Common Rail Pumps that can be tested include Bosch CP1 / CP2 / CP3, Delphi CRSP, Denso HP3 / HP 4 and the Siemens DCP pumps.  

    - One can also test the pressure sensor and solenoid (fuel rail pressure control valve / DRV) mounted on the fuel rail for proper function.  

    -  The user can vary the pressure developed in the system from 0 – 1800 BAR by controlling the percentage opening of the Pressure control valve / solenoid mounted  on the fuel rail fitted on this bench through the CRT 5000 simulator installed on this test bench. The bench comes fitted with the Common rail injector, pump and fuel rail simulator (CRT 5000) attachment through which user can also set the injector Pulse width, W (Which controls the volume of delivery per spray) and Frequency of spray (Which is the number of sprays per second) of the CR injector to simulate different testing conditions. The pressure in the system is read from the pressure sensor on the fuel rail constantly and is displayed digitally on the CRT 5000 LCD screen

common rail injector test bench

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