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Trainning for how to test injector

2015-10-21 13:38:19 SHUMATT TECH LTD Read

ZQYM trainning meeting from 5th to 8th May

ZQYM have a trainning meeting from 5th to 8th May. We have factory and also the workshop to repair and cleaning diesel injector

and diesel pump with our common rail tester bench. In the frist day, our technical expert show customers how to operate this test 

bench step by step, which including how to test injector, clean injector,test pump, clean pump with our bench. They all see our database

and it covers almost of the injection & pump models. At the same time, our engineers show how to update our test stands when has 

new software comes out. Also the most important is how to diy the injector and pump data to the machine.

After that,our engineers teach everyone how to desire and shop with the machine  in our workshop. In this shop,many customers send

their injectors for us to repair. So the customers learn the real experience from us. It the same as our workshop, with differnt bench stand,

they can test different injectors with different bench model. So it will help them to make decision which one to take. Everyone come here 

for trainning feedback it is wonderful trainning for the diesel injection stand machine, they learn a lot from this trainning!


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