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NEW CR injector Assembling and Disassembling Tool 38pcs

NEW CR injector Assembling and Disassembling Tool 38pcs


Common rail injector & Pump repair tools is necessary for helping Diesel repair workshops workers. Here in our company we have kinds of Common rail repair tools for injector and pump.


Here we have new injector assembling and disassembling tools now. Before whole set is 35pcs, now we update it to 38pcs.




1. Quantity:38pieces/unit


2. Usage: assembling and disassembling all kinds of common rail injector,bosch,denso,siemens,delphi


3.High quality,aluminm alloy tool box package


4.Various model,enough for you to  assembling and disassembling cr injector




Here below is pictures, Welcome your inquiry if you are interested in it, Thank you.


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