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DAEA HDECU Amazing ECU Flashing Tool

2016-01-06 17:12:26 SHUMATT TECH LTD Read

A special tool for flashing ECU Tool DAEA  HDECU

In November 2015, A Russian customer visits our company for finding a special tool ---ECU flashing tool and some other diagnostic tools. He shared some interesting things in Russian with us, he told us there is a huge market for diesel car or truck repair and refit, many young people are fond of pressing on the accelerator, roaring the engine on the road, may be this is very Fashion to them^^. Therefore, an ECU tool is a necessary tool for these guys.



Maybe you have observed many boxes on the right of the picture above, these are different ECU. Then what’s the ECU tool? Which functions it has?

VDSA-HD ECU is a special tool for flashing ECU (Electronic Control Unit) of vehicle.

This product supports Read fault code, erase fault code, read live data, read ECU information, Read ECU Data, Write ECU Data, ECU Calibration. It covers Weichai, Xichai, Yuchai, Chaochai and Renault.

ECU Coverage: Bosch EDC7, Bosch EDC16UC40, Bosch EDC16C39, Bosch EDC17, Denso.





Main Function of VDSA-HD ECU:

Read ECU Information;

Read Fault Code

Erase Fault Code

Read Live Data

Actuation Test

Read ECU Data

Write ECU Data

Maximum Speed Limit….

VDSA-HD ECU  Supports Vehicle:

AnKai, Beiben Heavy Duty, Beiqi Foton Ouman, Beiqi Foton Ruiwo, Beiqi Foton, Da Wei, Da Yun, DongFeng Chen Long, DongFeng Commercial, DongFeng Devastato, DongFeng Renault, DongFeng Tian Long, FAW, HongYan Heavy Duty, Hualing Heavy Duty, Laiyang Dongli, Isuzu, Jianghuai JAC, Kama, King Long, Nanjing Iveco, PERKINS, SANY, ShanQi Aolong, ShanQi Heavy Duty, Shaolin Bus, Shen Long, Zhong Lian.

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