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Frequently asked questions for Jaltest diagnostic scanner using

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Frequently asked questions for Jaltest diagnostic scanner using


The Jaltest diagnosis tool is the appropriate device to perform diagnosis on your truck. Multibrand and multisystem diagnostics with a wide coverage on the different electronic systems installed on Commercial Vehicles.

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There are some frequently asked questions for Jaltest using.


Q: How can I check truck engine conditions. (Piston size, block/cylinders , crankshaft size etc)

A:  Jaltest can be used to check the engine problems, it will show some fault information or fault code on screen after you diagnose it , then you need judge the problem and check which part was broken according to these failure information, by dismantling it or other methods. But it will not show which parts or components was broken, at present, most scanners cannot achieve this function, including original Jaltest or other famous scanner.

We are developing a scanner which will show what's problem it has and what shoud you do, it will be released at this year.


 Q: How can I check diesel pump and injectors working properly.

A: All scanners just can test if the pump injects oil or not, it has no the function to show further problems. Normally, mechanic need to dismantle this pump and use diesel pump test bench to test it, the test bench will show some test parameters, such as Oil Flow, Injection Oil, Return Flow, Idle etc per attached picture, it also will show which parameter is not ok, for example, if the oil flow is not normal, then maybe the injector nozzle was broken, or if the injection oil is too much, maybe the valve was broken etc.


Q: How can I check its gear (A/T or manual) condition.

A: It should be checked manually.


Q: How can I check realtime statics of any component and compare them with standard values of that component.

A: At present, all diagnostic scanner has no these functions to test components and parts, you need to use professional tool or tester according to different components to check it, for example, if you want to test the valve part of injector, then you need to test it by injector valve measuring tool.


Q: In my work shop we repair MAN, Actross and Volvo trucks.  Some time after repair we call a computer person from another city to reprogram the engine, gear or diesel pump before restarting engine. This process cost us too much time and money. We need to perform this task on our own using our jaltest device.  

 A: The Jaltest will guide you to click which button or use which cable when you use the program function, you can try to use this function and please tell me if you have further questions about this.

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