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Top Rated Car Diagnostic Tools Autel 908P

2016-01-12 16:14:00 SHUMATT TECH LTD Read

Top Rated Car Diagnostic Tools Autel 908P

To get to your destination, you do not just need a reliable vehicle. You also need certain devices that will ensure your safety all throughout your travel. Whether it is for personal or for other use, it is important that you invest in a high quality scan tool that can check the readiness of your vehicles along with the other information that you need. When choosing a scan tool, there are tons of brands to choose from, maybe Autel MaxiSys Pro (MS908 Pro) is a better choice for you.


The MaxiSys Pro MS908P is an evolutionary smart solution for specialized automotive diagnosis and ECU programming. Designed with the DNA of Autel’s diagnostics family, the MaxiSys is built to offer many of the prestigious qualities of the MaxiDAS DS708 with extreme ease of use and powerful diagnostic performance.


A new Maxisys System Program, V1.17 has been released for Maxisys, Maxisys Pro and Maxisys Mini, which supports the multitask function in Android platform. After the Maxisys system program update, the user is able to run multiple applications (tasks) at the same time, enabling users to realize other functions in the vehicle diagnostic process,  such as checking update status, playing back the records and reviewing the customer details, etc.





MaxiSys is the fastest scanner ever in the market. It features an extraordinarily fast A9 quad-core processor, a 32G solid state hard drive and a highly sensitive 9.7’’LED capacitive touch screen. The revolutionary open source Android Opearting System allows you perform multiple tasks easily and intuitively. The system boots up in only 20 seconds, which is 5 times faster than competion products, and the diagnostic time for some vehicles is greatly reduced, allowing you to perform your job much quicker.

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