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How to Choose Diagnostics and Equipment

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How to Choose Diagnostics and Equipment

The years of 'idiot light' informing the driver on major malfunction have all gone with the wind, and nowadays we have fairly complicated and complex systems with multiple hierarchy requiring specialised knowledge and skills to perform the task. Modern OBDs systems provide two major information sources.

  •  Standardized series ofdiagnostic fault codes;

  •  Real-time diagnosticsdata

All OBD systems are generally divided into several types mainly in accordance with their geographical ‘birth’ area.

  •  ALDL;

  •  OBD-I

  •  OBD-1.5

  •  OBD-II

  •  EOBD (European On BoardDiagnostics)

  •  EOBD-2

  •  JOBD (Japan On BoardDiagnostics)

  •  ADR 79/01 and 79/02(Australian OBD Standard)

Two major versions of OBDs are OBD-I and OBD-II. All vehicles manufactured after 1996 use OBD-II codes, which are standardized. Vehicles manufactured before 1996 use OBD-I codes, which are not fully standardized. ODB-I and ODB-II code readers use completely different electrical circuitry and signal system and should be used only for vehicles it has been designed for. Therefore it is vitally important to ensure compatibility of code reader with one’s vehicle accepted standards before purchasing it.

There are three types of code readers based on their price. Simple, High-Priced, and Professional code readers. Generally, more expensive tools give more detailed interface for reading the trouble codes. Professional diagnostic tools can provide detailed information on engine performance even during different transient operating conditions.

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