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SCR Diesel Exhaust Test Bench

2016-03-14 19:39:39 SHUMATT TECH LTD Read

Usually, we can see log of repair shop beside the road

All these shop write “Injection Pump Repair”to supply repair service. 

All workshops are same as traditional Chinese injection pump repair workshop.

NanYang Injection Pump Repair across the country, some people say that as long as there is a car, there are NanYang Injection Pump Repair.

Of course in Nanyang Injection Pump Repair there are some problem, low education, lack of knowledge, basic theory, only can repair limited pump type, unable to keep up with the fuel pump upgrade

Especially at present to meet EURO IV, EURO V electronic common rail + SCR after-treatment technology is that many pump repairers don't know how to do it.


Don't worry, we already produce SCR after treatment test bench to solve this problem. ZQYM SCR test bench can check various types of DEF Pump, DEF nozzle, nitrogen oxide sensor etc quickly .





With Capacitive touch screen, multi-touch point, responsive, anti dust, moisture, oil, urea solution, replace the mouse and keyboard, convenient operation.





Can auto test: Bosch, Sanli, Cummins,Tenneco, Emitec and various types of DEF pump, DEF nozzle, nitrogen oxide sensor.





Industrial computer control, professional processing performance, testing fast, stable, test a DEF pump within 5 minutes, improve work efficiency, full automatic one button operation, simple and convenient.











Use original flow sensor, high test precise.





All stainless steel, corrosion resistance

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