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How to Program a Toyota Transponder Chip Key

2016-01-25 11:46:50 SHUMATT TECH LTD Read

How to Program a Toyota Transponder Chip Key


If you want to make an additional key for your Toyota vehicle, you most likely won’t be able to simply get a key cut at your local hardware store for a few dollars. That is because almost every single key for autos made after (or during) the 1990s is actually a transponder chip key, meaning that simply cutting it will not let you start your car.


Simply put, transponder chip keys contain a transponder chip that corresponds to one within the ignition system, and in order for the car to turn on, this key’s chip must be close enough to send a given code to the chip within the car itself. It must also fit into the ignition lock itself. This is a security measure designed to make it harder for thieves to steal cars, but it also means that replacing a key is more expensive.

 If you simply want an extra key to lock and unlock your car doors and trunk, you will not a transponder key, but if you want to be able to use it to drive the car, you need to pay extra and be sure to get and program a transponder chip key.

However, Toyota G and Toyota H Chip Vehicle OBD Remote Key Programming Device is a excellent choice with economic cost.

Toyota G and Toyota H Chip Vehicle OBD Remote Key Programming Device support programming both Toyota G and Toyota H chip vehicle via OBD2 port.

Toyota Add Remote Control Get in the car and close the door, insert the key and turn the key on, insert the device into OBD. After the sound(Dee-), it will start to add the remote control.

After the sound ( Dee- Dee-),open the door, when hear the sound blaring. Press ‘ lock & unlock’ key at the same time. And press the’ lock’ key. If the blaring end, It’s OK.

Note: Switch is on the right (add remote control).


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