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How to edit injector infos in Common rail test bench

2016-03-05 15:56:40 SHUMATT TECH LTD Read

How to edit injector infos in Common rail test bench


As common rail test bench is very popular now. Some clients will face some problems when they using, 

Today we want to teach how to edit “piezo” injector when testing.


Below picture is from client. He don’ t know how to edit the Piezo injector in the display, his test bench always shows “normal” when he test”piezo” injector.



Now below is the way to adjust for “normal” to”piezo”


1: Firstly, open the computer display, you will see the database, click and open it.




2: In the database edit, you should write into the brand and  P/N of injector which is piezo, and then tick “piezo” like picture shows.



3: Then, click back.



4: and then back to injector test and choose the injector in the display, you will see it will show piezo now.

Thank you, now you will know how to edit the injector type now? If you have more questions welcome to contact us, 

and if you are interested in our common rail test bench, contat us freely. We will give you the best service. Welcome to join with us.


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