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Common Rail Test Bench In American Market

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Common Rail Test Bench In American Market

In American Market, you can see Bosch common rail test bench and Hartridge common rail test bench in the injector and pump repair shop. Specially in the big repair shop.

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BOSCH EPS677 test bench

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Hartridge AVM2-PC Test Stand

The AVM2-PC Test Stand is an advanced personal computer based diesel fuel pump test stand that is designed to save you time, support Common Rail pumps and EUI, EUP and Common Rail Injectors tester.

But Hartridge test stand price is too expensive , not suitable for the small repair shop, the small repair shop not have enough money to buy the common rail test equipment, and they need good training and after sales support.  

 Our ZQYM-618 test bench support: 

1: It is designed to be able to test all types EURO III, EURO IV CR injectors and pumps automatically.

2: It features in complete test data. 

3: Support EUI / EUP function 

4: Support piezo-electric crysta injector test 

5:  With full set Aids tool

With good quality and good price, and ease of use was a prime consideration in the design of the ZQYM-618, this results in an adaptable and user-friendly test stand, with the facility to handle virtually all automotive type in-line, as well as EUI, EUP and Common Rail injectors with minimum stress and strain on the operator and which low noise. That's why this test bench so popular in the market.


We believe in the near future, our ZQYM common rail test bench will into American market and be the most popular.

Welcome more and more American partner join ZQYM.

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