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Solution Of Common Rail Injector Test Bench HEUI Not Working

2019-01-14 16:19:35 SHUMATT TECH LTD Read

Solution Of Common Rail Injector Test Bench HEUI Not Working

How to choose a good common rail injector test bench? If you bought a poor quality common rail test equipment, you will get many headache, because it can not work for you, waste your money.

May be you will said, you can contact with the supplier, ask the supplier provide the technical support, but when you send email to supplier, no any reply, trying to call, telephone nobody answer, that's a terrible after sales service!

After finished the PAACE Automechanika Mexico exhibition, we visit a Mexico customer, he have several common rail injector test equipment, one equipment with HEUI function, but the one with HEUI function never work, customer didn't know how to do it.

Question: Why the HEUI function equipment not working?

Answer: that's because the pressure not enough.

Question: How to solve the HEUI equipment not working? Any solution?

Answer: 1st, Change the CP1 pump in the common rail equipment to CP3 pump.

            2nd, Replace the common rail pipe to 3 times larger them the existing pipe

Replace as above two point, the common rail equipment will work again.

After market research, we found this common rail injector test bench CP1 pump price is low, but pressure not enough, that's why HEUI function can not work.

CP1 pump was the refurbished(because the inside is dirty, the motor also refurbished)

When we planning to buy a common rail injector equipment, we not only compare the price, after sales service is also very important. ZQMY Technology Co., Ltd will provide you high quality common rail injector test bench and after sales service, we can send engineer go for support after sales, if you can not solve the problems.

The more you say the better we can do!

Welcome more partner join our ZQYM !

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