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Second day in automechanika dubai 9th May,2016

2019-01-14 16:21:27 SHUMATT TECH LTD Read

Second day in automechanika dubai 9th May,2016

In 9th May, 2016. we made great success in automechanika dubai. Today we got much information from our clients. they face same and  common questions of common rail test bench. as we all know, the common rail repair is necessary for each country now. but the questions is they do not know how to fix, how to use tester if they bought one. also they feel that Chinese product is bad quality.

Today we meet one client from fair,he is from uganda,he is a  cute boy. his main jos is in office.when he have free time he wiil repair injection pump to earn money, because he want to raise money to buy one test bench machine.he know in common rail,there have big market.

with client.jpg

He learn from the common rail repair from internet and book. so training is necessary for him. we promised him if he is ready for purchase the machine, we will give him free training.  we will keep in touch with him.

Except that, he will also help us sell our common rail test bench in his area. he is very helpful and kind. 

There are so much happy things in fair, we learn much from clients. we will follow them and offer our best services.

For more news, please attention our website. thank you.


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