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what version of the software supplied with the device cummins inline6 ?are there 120-ohm switch for cummins inline6

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what version of the software supplied with the device cummins inline6 ?


Hi friend, the version is 7.6.2.Stock available                                


There are no 120-ohm switch?


No, the original is 60 ohms, we are all made in accordance with the original plan. To 120 ohm can be made, it needs to be obd, or 9pin? We only 3pin interface has 60 ohm switch. 

All in accordance with the latest design inline6 completed, I do not know you need to use obd interface to add resistance, or increase the resistance on the interface 9pin. Made 100 lines, 

plus the resistance line, the line is priced 200 yuan, to have a set of 20 can do 3pin line there, no other line.Plus resistance line switch.

Original is 60 ohms, should not exist the problem can not be used, only the domestic 120 ohms

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