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genuine new fuel injector 095000-9560 095000-7490 OE 1465A257 1465A297

  • Delivery Time3 wording days
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Model NumberL26000D5D009560
  • Warranty6 months warranty




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Model:SHUMATT 095000-9560 injector OE number:1465A257/1465A297 Part number:095000-9560/095000-7490 Condition:Genuine new AppliSHUMATTion:SHUMATT-L200,SHUMATT-Pajero Engine model:4D56 HP, Di-DC, Di-D, KAT, KBT, HP, 4WD Lead time:Send out within 3 working days Product Service: ·6 months warranty ·Each product is tested before leaving the factory to ensure that all products are suitable ·Stable performance, safety and stability, durable ·Delivery within 5-7 days ·Can provide invoice Contact information: ·Shenzhen Shumatt Technology Ltd ·Phone:+8613410541523 ·Email:ruby@shumatt.com ·Whatsapp:8613410541523 ·Skype:cnshumatt ·Website:www.shumatt.com ·Facebook:shumatt diesel

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